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The Empathy Project

the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Hunter B; 7th grade
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We are excited to have created a timely message of hope. Please watch.         
The National Museum of African American History and Culture.
 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
A Ted-ed talk on empathy's definition
An anti suicide support site for gender questioning youth
Does stress cause pimples?!



Thoughts out loud:



"I'm known as the humor kid or joker at my school, and even the sarcastic one. So no one really takes me serious anymore in school, they only see that side of me when that's not even my true side. My true side is full of empathy, love and life. I want people to realize that and see that i am not who they think i am. My friends online see that i am not just a joker, which adds to my happiness, but it is still hard because we are not face-to- face. Adding to that, having a weight issue and having to do what coaches want me to do no matter what in gym is hard to deal with. People have limits especially me, and they don't seem to respect that at all. It's not my fault my body is not perfect, but i will fix my overweight issue, it will just take some time and practice. depression won't last forever though. It only comes from a depressing scar in your life. You might not know what it is, but that is most likely the cause of the issue. After you get older and your depression fades away, it's because you're mature enough to see that crying over something will not fix it. It just takes time, trust me."

Adam. S

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